Best Seahorse 920 Waterproof Protective Hard Case Review

When it comes to the best cases, many people choose Pelican due to its durability. However, not all people are satisfied with the price tag. There is a lot of options available out there. They can offer similar.

Today, we will share with you the Seahorse 920 protective hard case. It can help you save money and still protect your gears. Keep reading our writing to discover a detailed review of this product.

Seahorse 920 protective hard case

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Overview of the Seahorse Case

The seahorse cases are the best quality products if you want to protect your gears. Although these models are not the most affordable choices, they can be an excellent alternative to Pelican cases.

This case comes with a retractable handle, a safety seal, as well as wide track wheels. It can help to protect your gears against air, water, and dust.

Case sizes

The Seahorse cases are available from the micro, small, medium, and large. Also, these cases come in specialty pre-made designs. Therefore, their cases are for photographers.

Micro and small

There are three variations of the micro, including tablet, phone, and laptop. Some of them do not include foam, while some have. Besides, the two smaller cases have a Carabiner loop. This feature allows you to attach to bags and backpacks with ease.

There are not too many differences between the line of small cases from Seahorse and the micro category. In my thinking, these cases are designed for professionals.

Large and photography cases

The large hard cases from Seahorse are simple. They are available in the 830, 920, 1220, and 1530. They are for different uses. However, our favorite choice is 920.

The Seahorse 920 Protective Hard Case Review



This case is dustproof and waterproof. It is made of the ultra high-impact copolymer. It ensures to give quick and secure closure, thanks to the ABS double-throw latches. Moreover, there is also an automatic purge valve. It is to equalizing pressure.

The 920 is a protective case. It is airtight, watertight, and dustproof. Also, it is rustproof and crush resistant. Furthermore, this case is chemical and UV resistant.

Besides, the case comes with large handles. Therefore, you can carry the case with comfort. The Seahorse 920 also has two holes for padlocks. Also, you will get a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.


  • Durable
  • Good and sturdy
  • Perfect size, weight, and construction
  • Excellent price


  • Very odd design

Things to Consider When Looking for a Protective Hard Case

Before purchasing a case, you have to know about a few things. Look at our overview of the features to look for:


Most models are made of polypropylene. They may be also made of polypropylene copolymer. Therefore, you can get enough protection from this rigid plastic. It would be best if you chose a case that feels rugged. It is good to choose a case with steel elements since it can offer added protection and durability.

Protective foam

You can easily see Ether-Like-Easter polyurethane used in the protective foam. It is a budget-friendly choice compared to polyester. However, this foam is more customizable compared to the harder polyester foam.

We recommend you to choose a case with thicker layers of ELE without sinking in too much when pressed.

Pressure release valve

It is an essential feature of a hard case in case there are pressure changes. Indeed, the pressure release valve ensures to prevent your sensitive items from coming under undue pressure.


It is not easy to look for the best price for a case on the website of the case manufacturer or a carrier website. You should do a comparison search when identifying the case you like.

We recommend you to visit Amazon and eBay since they are the cheapest places to make your purchase. It also would be best if you also watched out for knock-offs on eBay. Sometimes, you may get a lifetime warranty from the case manufacturers as long as you purchase directly from the manufacturer.


If you are on the go with lots of equipment to haul, you need the Seahorse 920 case along for the stroll. Since it is airtight, watertight, and crush resistant, it is suitable for storing any of your every carry item. Moreover, it is an excellent choice for your budget since it is affordable. Plus, the manufacture will give you a lifetime warranty. In conclusion, there is no reason why you don’t get the Seahorse 920 protective hard case.

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