Mendini Junior Drum Set Review 2020: Perfect Choice For Kids

If you have a child, consider letting him learn music. This is one of the best lifelong skills your kid should have. In this way, your child can get a sense of inspiration and creativity. More importantly, you need to choose the right instrument your childe can get fun with. If you want to get a drum set, you should go for one that is fun to play, made for the ultimate comfort, and easy to play. Also, the drum set should sound good.

There are many brands of the junior drum set out there. Today, we will talk about the Mendini Drum Set. At the same time, you will also have the opportunity to know all the essential things you need to keep in mind while shopping for a junior drum set.

Mendini Junior Drum Set

Mendini Junior Drum Set Reviews

This set is designed for children aged 3 to 8 years old. The drum set ensures to give your child all the basics so they can start playing early. It comes with a base of 13 x 8 inches and the mount of 8×6 inches.

Moreover, the Mendini Drum Set comes with a pedal. Plus, there are also wooden drumsticks along with an adjustable drum seat. It promises to give your child a feel of playing with the instrument thanks to a basic rhythm produced.


  • Ideal for 3 to 8 years old children
  • Comes with the bass drum, a cymbal, and mounted tom
  • Comes with an adjustable drum throne
  • Includes a pedal
  • Includes a pair of wooden drumsticks
  • Simple to assemble
  • Make high-quality sound


  • Designed to suitable for the size of children
  • Comes with a sturdy composition to withstand misuse by beginner drummers
  • The precise rhythms created and the whole sounds
  • Includes a snare and a tom to attach to the bass drum
  • Easy to learn to use this drum set
  • Made to last for a long time
  • Friendly for children because of no sharp edge included
  • Affordable price with a long service life
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Convenient to put together thanks to the lightweight and small size


  • Requires to tune constantly to achieve the correct pitch
  • The stand below may be loose easily
  • Not ideal for children over five years since the drum set is too small for them
  • The cymbal may crack over time

Things to Consider When Choosing a Junior Kit


The first thing to consider when choosing a junior kit for your child is the size. The fact is that your child has a hard time to reach the higher pieces on professional kits. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to give your children a 22” bass drum to play with.

We recommend you to look for smaller sized kits. In fact, kits are designed around the bass drums. If you need a kit with a bass drum of 16 inches, you will find a junior-sized kit.


You should choose a drum kit that can take a beating without caving in. As you know, professional drummers more focus on how they play their instruments, but your child may treat their drums like one of their cheap toys.

That’s the reason why it’s necessary for you to take your time to read the reviews to see how the products you are going to choose have held up. In fact, many cheap drum sets may have cracked cymbals easily.


You shouldn’t choose store drum kits that don’t have brand names. Almost all of them are built with cheap plastic. They also make a god awful sounds. It doesn’t mean that you need to spend thousands of dollars because you can still get a cheap junior set that your child likes its sound.

Number of Pieces

Most junior kits are available in 3 or 5 five-piece configurations. If your child is below five years old, you should choose a three-piece set. However, it’s better to choose the five-piece if you want your child to play for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mendini drum sets good?

Well, we can say that Mendini is one of the top quality brands. This brand offers a wide range of drum sets. They have different sizes and dimensions. Most of their products are affordable, look and sound good, as well as easy to assemble.

Which age is a junior drum set made for?

A junior drum set is made for children age 11 or 12 years old. For slightly older kids, you can consider choosing a junior acoustic drum set. They are equipped with smaller sized drums to adult drum kits.

What is a junior drum set?

A junior drum set can come with five pieces, a snare, three toms, a hi-hat, a cymbal, and a kick drum. Keep in mind that hi-hats and cymbals are counted as pieces.


When it comes to the best drum sets for children, we have to say about the Mendini Junior Drum Set. It is designed to make the standard sound to the skill level of a child. This drum set ensures to produce basic rhythm for a beginner. It comes with all the essential tools for a beginner. Moreover, it is able to capture the feel of a professional set.

However, the Mendini Junior Drum Set also has its drawbacks. Indeed, it may break after much abuse. Also, it’s not appropriate for older children since it is just suitable for smaller players. Hopefully, our review can help you understand more about this drum set. And, it can give you enough knowledge before making your choice.

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