5 Fastest Single Bass Drum Pedal: Speed, Quality and Budget

When selecting a bass drum pedal, there are three playing styles to choose from. With a single bass drum pedal, one foot can play a single bass drum. And, a double one allows the use of both feet. Moreover, there are also three bass drum drive types, including strap, chain, and direct link. Therefore, you need to take your time to try each of them to know which one is the most suitable choice for you. Check out our post for more details on selecting the fastest single bass drum pedal.

Fastest Single Bass Drum Pedal

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Top 5 Fastest Single Bass Drum Pedals Reviews

Tama Iron Cobra 900 Power Glide Single Bass Pedal

The pedal comes with a unique beater. With this pedal, you can play consistent loud strokes. Moreover, it allows you to adjust from spring tension to beater position.

It comes with a rounded cam. It ensures to offer you consistent, powerful strokes. Additionally, it provides you a sturdy and smooth design. Plus, it has a solid carrying case. You can also get a good punch from this model.


  • Simple and durable design
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable price


  • None


Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive Pedal P3000D Single Bass Pedal

Many players choose this bass pedal due to its quickness. This pedal allows you to make a lot of sound with ease. Moreover, it is also one of the fastest single pedals out there due to the responsive direct link. You can adjust the direct link to your preferences.

Besides, it also comes with ninja bearings. These features are to contribute speed as well as smoothness. You can also adjust the unique traction dots for the expected amount of grip. Another good point of this model is a custom bag and beater included.


  • Gives you a smooth action
  • Sleekly designed adjustments
  • Fits well your body and playing styles
  • Super high-speed Ninja bearings
  • Comes with a carrying case to prevent the wear and tear of travel


  • Takes a while to get used
  • More expensive than its competitors


Drum Workshop DW 9000 Drum Pedal

When it comes to the fastest single bass drum pedal, you should consider the Drum Workshop brand. This pedal is the smoothest model out there. With it, you can produce fast doubles with ease.

This model comes with a light beater. Also, the model offers you consistent loud strokes. It comes with a fully adjustable cam. Therefore, you can easily adjust the pedal to feel specific. However, it may be hard to adjust the tension of the tension spring.

It has a strap. Therefore, you can switch it from chain to strap drive. While the product is more expensive compared to other models, this unit is still worth the money.


  • Creates a smooth action
  • Fit your movement perfectly
  • Excellent for acoustic bass drum
  • Works flawlessly without foot pain


  • Some users complained about its design
  • Expensive a bit


Mapex Falcon Single Bass Drum Pedal

This pedal is chain-driven. Many players choose this pedal because of its responsiveness. It comes with interchangeable drives. Therefore, you can select of it is strap, chain, or direct driven.

Moreover, it is also easy to adjust the footboard height as well as the beater angle to fit your preferences. It has a smaller baseplate in comparison to other pedals. However, it is still very sturdy. Since this pedal can be as fast as you need, it is a good option for all skill levels.


  • Offers an incredibly smooth feel and simple adjustability
  • Provides more time playing and less time adjusting
  • Very sturdy


  • None


Gibraltar 9711GS Single Bas Drum Pedal

The Gibraltar 9711GS is a very sturdy pedal. It offers you a smooth pedalboard. Moreover, this pedal can reproduce a particular setting for different feels and styles. Plus, you can also adjust the spring with ease. This feature is to keep everything secure.

Besides, the model also comes with the best mounting clamp of any pedal since it brings a one-step release. The beater comes with adjustable weights. As a nice extra, the pedal comes with a soft travel bag.


  • Heavy-duty design
  • Offers an ideal blend of speed, power, and style
  • Made with control features
  • Allows you to find tune feel
  • Well worth the money


  • It should be smooth sailing


Bass Drum Pedal Buying Guide

Pedal Types

There are two main types of pedal, including single pedals and double pedals. The single pedal comes with a single footboard. It is for playing one Bass drum. On the contrary, the double one comes with two separate footboards. Therefore, you can play with two feet on the same Bass drum. Most players choose to use a single model since they only own one bass drum.

Pedal Mechanism

There are three pedal mechanisms, including chain driven, strap, and direct drive.

  • Chain-driven: these pedals are famous for their strength. Also, they are easy to use.
  • Strap: for these pedals, you need to get used to them. Moreover, they can break over time.
  • Direct drive: just like strap ones, they also require getting used to. These pedals are very responsive.

Beater Type

Most pedals include beaters. These pedals provide the option of interchangeable beaters.

  • Felt beater: this beater comes with a playing surface of from felt. It ensures to give you a good sound at any volume.
  • Wooden beater: this beater offers a very articulate playing surface.
  • Hard beater: these beaters have playing surfaces made of metal or plastic. They work well for extreme volume in louder genres like Metal. They will not break during play.
  • Fluffy beater: they are very soft. Drummers rarely use them for regular play due to a lack of articulation.


Here are some common features you can find on most quality pedals:

  • Adjustable cam: this feature is to help adjust the angle of the beater with a drum key.
  • Adjustable spring: you can adjust them to change the amount of kickback. With the best pedals, you can access to the spring for adjustment with ease.
  • Footboard tread: some pedals come with a smooth surface for sliding with ease. However, some others come with a textured, treaded surface. They offer you better foot control.
  • Adjustable footboard: some models allow you to adjust the angle as well as other aspects of the footboard.
  • Adjustable beater: with this feature, you can adjust the length of the beater with ease. Moreover, it allows you to switch out your current beater for a different beater.


This factor depends mainly on your comfort level. You should begin by testing each of the three driving mechanism types. They include strap, chain, and direct link. Also, go for interchangeable beaters. Not many drummers have multiple beaters for various playing cases.

You should begin with an Iron Cobra pedal. If you feel it is too loose or tight, you need to adjust the spring tension and playing repeated strokes. Moreover, remember to change the multiple volumes as well as difficult patterns.

Once you have got an expected driving mechanism, you can consult our list above and choose the right brand for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fastest Single Bass Drum Pedal

What is the best size bass drum?

The bass drum of 22 inches is the most versatile model. It allows you to do a lot of different playing types. You can also use the 22’’ in a larger group or a small one.

Are bigger drums louder?

Well, a larger drum is louder compared to a smaller model. However, all things are not equal. There is a difference in thickness, shell material, drum depth, head type, and rigidity. All of them can impact the volume as well as the sound of a drum.

Can I use a guitar tuner to tune drums?

It is possible to tune drums to specific pitches. However, you should not use a guitar tuner to tune drums. You can find tuners for drums. They operate with frequencies.


Besides technique, every drummer also needs to have the best bass drum pedal. It can bring a direct effect on the way your drum sounds. Luckily, there is a lot of bass drum pedals available out there in term of the smooth operation, greet feel and quality components. If you are going for the fastest single bass drum pedal, check out our top five products above. Then, you can choose the right one for your playing styles as well as your budget.

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