5 Best Tabla Drums Review: Top Pick Drums Set of 2020

Tablas is known as a musical percussion instrument originated in India. There are two parts to a table set. They include a Bayan and a Dayan. Both of them can combine together to produce the perfect sound tone. The table drums are great for those who are finding something unique and soothing. Today, we will show you a list of top 5 best tabla drums out there. This is a great place to get you started.

Best Tabla Drums

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Top 5 Best Tabla Drums Reviews

Maharaja Tabla Drum Set

This drum set includes many things. It comes with a tabla hammer that allows you to adjust the pitch. Also, it features the padding to give support to the instrument. Moreover, this drum set is equipped with the bayan tabla for a complete set. Another essential thing is manual for beginners.

It is made of black brass. And, it has a weight of around 3 kgs. It comes with the Sheesham wood Dayan. The product promises to give you the superior quality of music.


  • Handcrafted in India where tabla originally belongs
  • Comes with all the essential things for playing the finest tunes


  • Require players to hit the drum heads to get higher tones


Maharaja Musicals Basic Tabla Drums Set

This model comes with a steel bayan that weighs about 2 kgs. Therefore, it is perfect for beginners or those who haven’t yet had an expert hand on tablas. This drum set is made of Sheesham wood. Also, it includes a pre tuning of C# or D#. Moreover, it also includes a book on tablas for the tuning part.

Overall, the bayan is lighter, so it’s ideal for beginners. Moreover, this product is also an affordable option. Plus, the drum set comes with all the essential things you are finding in a tabla set.


  • Sourced from India where the instrument is played popularly
  • Affordable price that is ideal for even people with a tight budget


  • The tabla book may be hard to understand for native English speakers


Maharaja Concert Designer Tabla Drum Set

This drum set is made of copper. It has a weight of 4.5 kg. It has a great design to make it perfect for concerts. Furthermore, the Dayan is pre-tuned to C#.

This table drum set may be used by beginners, but it is more suited for professionals. In fact, this model is heavier a bit than others, so it’s ideal for experts. Like being said that, the drum set is great for all concerts due to its glossy design.


  • A valued highly product
  • Includes a carry bag beside a tunning hammer, a tabla book, support cushions, as well as covers


  • More suited to professionals


Haridas Vhatkar Tabla Drum Set

The bayan is made of chromed copper. It has a weight of 3.5 kg. Also, it comes with the Sheesham wood Dayan. Just like all tabla sets, it includes a tuning hammer.

This tabla drum set is great for an expert tabla player. This drum set is pre-tested by professionals. The product won’t disappoint you since it’s from a reliable manufacturer.


  • Designed to suitable for the ambience of concerts
  • Includes a carry bag that allows you to carry with ease


  • Expensive price


Maharaja Classic Tabla Drum Set

This model comes with a brass bayan that has a weight of 3 kg. And, there is the Sheesham wood Dayan tuned to C#. Moreover, this set also comes with the tunning hammer, a tabla book, cushions for tabla, as well as tabla cover.

If you want to purchase an affordable tabla drum set, you should choose this product. It is known for a simple design and high performance. It’s great for those who need a high-quality product.


  • Handcrafted from India where the instrument originally is from
  • Affordable price


  • The carry bag is poor quality and requires to replace


How to Choose a Tabla Drum

Before making your purchase, you need to consider the musical instruments’ features as well as its materials. At the same time, don’t forget to consider the origin, appearance, and tonal variations of the product. Then, you can work well using your drums.

In terms of budget, you can choose one that suits your wallet. Follow these basic guides in choosing a Tabla drum set brand such as Mukta Das, Maharaja Musicals, Chopra, Vhatkar, Meinl Percussion, and Akbar Mian & Bros.


Consider the material used for making the Tabla. In fact, professional artisans usually use authentic animal skins for the head. And, they use steel, copper, or brass for the drum because these materials are durable. The Dayan drum is made of wood or a Sheesham or Rosewood. They can make traditional sounds.

Sounds and Tuning System

In order to test the sounds and tuning system, you may have to visit a video clip or a store. In general, a Bayan drum comes with deep and bass tones. And, the Dayan comes with treble tones. You need to check whether the tuning system of Dayan can adjust the pitches from low to high.

Appearance and Style

These factors belong to your personal needs. You need to know if you are looking for a traditional look of drums or a modernized outlook. Make sure you choose one with both high quality and functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tabla Drums

What are the parts of a tabla?

A tabla is built with two drums, including bayan and Dayan. The bayan is for the left-hand playing, and another one is for the right hand playing.

How difficult is it to play the tabla?

For a tabla, you need to play entirely by hand. You have to use fingers and palms extensively. By the combination of your fingers and palm movements, you can get a lot of sound tones. You need a considerable amount of practice. We recommend you to engage a suitable tutor to learn how to play this instrument.

What if the bayan has a dent?

Sometimes, you may see a dent in the bayan because of transportation. However, this is not a problem for sound tones. If you want, you can replace it. However, this is not necessary.


There are three main groups of Tabla sets, one for professionals, one for beginners, and one for kids aged 10 years or below. If you are finding a Tabla drum set, you should consider our top 5 products above. Follow our tips and read reviews of each product previously. Then, you can make the right choice for your needs.

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