5 Best Kick Pedals for Electronic Drums: Expert Reviews 2020

Nowadays, electronic drum kits are more and more popular among drummers. They offer drum players a way to practice silently to avoid disturbing their neighbours. Also, these drums are used for the portability as well as lightweight. It is not easy to choose kick pedals for electronic drums because of potential compatibility problems.

In this writing, we will learn about some things to consider when choosing a kick pedal for electronic drums. At the same time, there will be also a list of top 5 best kick pedals for electronic drums. Then, you can go ahead for your next kick pedals.

Best Kick Pedals for Electronic Drums

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Top 5 Best Kick Pedals for Electronic Drums Reviews

Roland KT-10 Kick Drum Control Pedal

This product ensures to give you an authentic feel, low noise operation, and excellent playability. It comes with a great integrated design that offers you a fast action as well as responsiveness. Moreover, this is also a neighbour-friendly choice.

If you are playing with a Roland e-drum kit, you will get a seamless integration as well as portable convenience from this kick pedal. Many drummers choose this model because of its reliability, excellent responsiveness, compact design, and sensitivity.


  • A great integrated design for a fast action
  • Offers a seamless integration
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for not disturbing others


  • Not quite at all


Yamaha KU100 Beaterless Silent Kick Pedal

This kick pedal is the right choice for those who are finding an affordable model. It is made to prevent excessive noise as well as vibration from your playing. It can reduce vibration to the floor below. Therefore, it will not disturb your neighbours.

Moreover, this product is sensitive enough to feature a more realistic drum sound. You can use this kick pedal with so many drum kits as well as together with another model. Then, you can get that double pedal sound.


  • Affordable price
  • Silent operation
  • Helps to decrease the physical sound of playing
  • Great for apartment dwellers


  • An issue of not producing a high enough volume of bass sound


Yamaha 7210 Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal

When it comes to the best kick pedals for electronic drums under $100, we can’t ignore the Yamaha 7210. It is designed to give beater angle adjustment as well as a single chain drive. Moreover, you will also receive great control.

Additionally, this model provides you with responsiveness and lightweight portability. This model is a great choice for new drum players since it is sure to give enough features to get the job done.

Besides, it also includes an extremely robust construction, so it can last for a long time. This model provides you with durability, simplicity, and an excellent price.


  • Affordable price
  • Legendary for durability, reliability, and versatility
  • Comes with beater angle adjustment
  • Great for beginner drummers
  • A 5-year warranty


  • Customers claimed that they have to fix all the time with their key


DW 3000 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal

If you need a kick pedal for beginners, you should consider choosing the DW 3000. It is a sturdy model. It also is available in the middle-price range. This one is also ideal for intermediate and pro electric drummers.

It is built with heavy-duty metal construction. Therefore, it is able to last for a long time. Using this pedal, you will get a great response, sensitivity, and attach. Moreover, it also offers you total control over the tone.


  • Great for every drummer
  • Designed to last long
  • Features total control over the tone
  • Simple to move between the pedal and hi-hat


  • None


DW Double Bass Drum Pedal PDDP502

This product is designed for working drummers. It has a sleek look. Moreover, it comes with a Dual Chain Drive Offset Cam on both sides. You will get a solid feel due to the steel base plates.

Besides, the pedal also comes with two ways beaters along with a built-in drum key clip. Therefore, you can dial the feel in quickly to fit your style.


  • Great value for the money
  • Very smooth and quick
  • Simple to set up and fun to play
  • Sturdy construction


  • Difficult to play double bass with it


Things to Consider When Choosing a Kick Pedal for Electric Drums


If you are playing with an existing electric drum kit and need a separate kick pedal, remember to consider compatibility before making your purchase. Some electric drums don’t come with a kick pedal. Therefore, you should consider this factor before choosing one. You should check the manual for the kick pedals. Moreover, you can also check with the vendor to know if the kick pedal suits your existing electric drum kit.


When choosing a kick pedal for your e-drum, you should work out your budget for one and stick with it. You can get a good kick pedal for e-drums with the cost from under $100 to above $300.

You need to check a range of models and find out their features. Choose ones with the features you are going for within your budget range.


If you are a beginner drummer, it is not essential to find a ton of features. For example, you needn’t things like ninja bearings. If you want a more simple and affordable kick pedal, our recommendation is the Yamaha 7210.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kick Pedals for Electronic Drums

Can you use double bass pedal electronic drums?

We can frequently see the topic of using a double bass pedal with an electric drum set. It may be hard to find out information online about which e-drum kits are compatible with them. Well, it’s quite easy. You just need a big enough kick pad to support two beaters as well as a double bass drum pedal.

How often should my drum head be changed?

You should change your drum head before starting your recording. And, it is essential to do this every six months if you plan to play regularly.

What pitch should I tune my drums to?

If you want to tune your drum to specific notes, it is essential to adjust the fundamental pitches. There are three pitches related to tuning a drum. They include the lug pitches, the fundamental pitch.


If you are a beginner drummer, you may get overwhelmed when choosing the right kick pedal for your electronic drum. Take your time to learn about the features of kick pedals. Then, determine which features you need for your playing style. Also, you should not forget to look for information from the vendor and you may get from the list of 300 dollar drum kit. Good luck with your shopping!

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