5 Best Humbucker Pickups for Rock: Pickups For Budget 2020

If you are a fan of classic rock, it is difficult to think of life without a humbucker. It is not easy to find the best humbuckers. You may be overwhelmed because of so many choices of humbucker pickups available on the market.

Therefore, it may be hard to find the best one for your budget as well as your rig. With the right pickup, you can improve the tone of your guitar. This post will offer you all the essential things you should know before making an informed purchase. Also, we will give you a list of top 5 best humbucker pickups for rock on the market today.

Best Humbucker Pickups for Rock

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Top 5 Best Humbucker Pickups for Rock Reviews

Gibson Burstbucker Pro

This model is a vintage pickup for rock. It is designed to change the fundamental tone. With this model, you can get huger levels of volume. Therefore, it is a good option for those who are playing large venues as well as types of rock.

It offers you unmatched bobbin windings. You can get a characteristic sweet as well as a harmonic tone. Also, it is built with Alnico 5 magnets. It provides you with more output. You can choose from nickel and gold finish options of the Gibson Burstbucker Pro pickup.

Since the model is vintage voices, it is an excellent fit to make classic guitar tones. However, the model is not a great fit for metal as well as similar genres. The pickup is sure to give you a wealth of harmonic overtones.


  • Produces a vintage tone
  • Deals with moderate levels of distortion
  • Perfect fit for your rig


  • Not excellent fit for metal and similar genres
  • Would not perform at a high level


Seymour Duncan JB SH-4

This pickup is one of the most versatile pickups out there. It is a high output model in comparison to active ones. Moreover, this product offers you a four-conductor lead configuration. That is why you can get a wide range of possible wiring configurations. It means you can also get more control over the result of your tone.

You can wire this pickup in series, split-coil, and parallel. Then, you can replicate the response of a pickup. You have not to worry about the pickup feeding back when you use it with higher levels of gain.

However, this one is not suitable for any specific genre. Indeed, it is just ideal for those who concentrate on a single genre.


  • Perform well in a lot of situations
  • Be capable of sounding wonderful
  • Gives great value to those who are looking for a versatile pickup


  • Not suitable for those who specialize in music genres


EMG 81

This model is one of the lead pickups in heavier genres. These pickups use rail magnets that usually sound smoother. Moreover, the model comes with EMG’s innovative Quick-Connect cable. Therefore, you can install as well as swap these units with ease. Plus, you can plug a lead from the unit into a wiring harness thanks to the cable.

Besides, this pickup also includes all the accessories for properly installing the pickup. There are a pre-wired split shaft volume, a battery clip set, an output jack, a tone control set, screws, springs, and all the essential clips.

Since you should use this pickup with higher levels of distortion, it may cause a very dry and plain sound. When using this pickup, you have not to concern about faulty components or problems with stability.


  • Features high output
  • Without faulty components or issues with stability
  • Bring all the essential accessories for easy installation


  • May make a very dry and plain sound


Dimarzion DP100 Super Distortion Pickups

This pickup kicked off a bona fide revolution. It can push a tube amp into the thick overdrive. This pickup includes a four-conductor wiring configuration that allows you to get a lot of different options in how you can use the pickup. It ensures to give you a more humbucker-like tone thanks to the parallel wiring.

However, this model may not be able to offer as much raw distortion as an active pickup. It comes with smooth and creamy highs, an aggressive and tight low end, as well as thick and creamy mids. Therefore, this model is versatile.


  • Offers excellent value for those who want to cover genres that need a bit more gain.
  • Produces a great bluesy crunch
  • Fit well for pre-Strat Eric Clapton tones


  • Not produce as much raw distortion as an active model


Seymour Duncan Hot Rails

This pickup is designed to produce aggressive levels of distortion. It fits into a standard Stratocaster type pickguard. Moreover, many players like its rail design that can keep a consistent volume as well as dynamic range. It is warmer than the regular single-coil pickup.

Also, you will get the option to access split-coil sounds. This feature makes the pickup more versatile. This pickup has characteristics of a single humbucker. In terms of quality, this model is better than the last incarnation of Seymour Duncan Hot Rails.


  • Suitable for those who want to turn a guitar into a rock or metal workhorse
  • Features a pleasing and unique tone


  • Its design sacrifices a small amount of clarity


Things to Keep in mind When Choosing a Guitar Pickup

The key factors you need to consider when choosing a guitar pickup is the right size, although there is a wide range of choices to handle restrictions of this. Then, you have to decide on your output requirements. Moreover, remember to consider your budget. If you want to get a good guitar adding a budget set of new pickups, it will not do wonders as a brand name set will. You also need to consider the manner sound picked in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions about Humbucker Pickups for Rock

Are humbucker pickups good?

The fact is that single coils also sound good. And, they make different sounds. Moreover, single coils usually are brighter and crisper. Also, these coils have a greater note definition between strings. On the contrary, humbuckers are often heavier, darker, and louder. Many Fender® guitars choose to use single-coil pickups.

Are expensive pickups worth it?

Well, medium and upper tier, as well as many lower-priced models tend to have the same quality. That is about the product that is worth to you. If you find one model with something no other pickup does, it is a good idea to invest in this model. Then, it is sure to be worth for you.

How long do guitar pickups last?

Many metal guitars with humbucker pickup out there can be useless after about 12 to 24 months of use. Their lifespan is based on how much you play your guitar. A high-output humbucker has a quick break-in period. Typically, it is about less than six months.


You may find it hard to choose a set of pickups for your guitar when there is a lot of factors to consider. In this post, we have introduced you to the best humbucker pickups for rock. Hopefully, our information today gives you some much-needed info to help you find out what you want.

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