5 Best Humbucker Pickups for Les Paul: Top Rated Single-Coil

As guitar players, you will want to switch out pickups. However, it is not easy to find the best humbucker pickups for Les Paul, especially for inexperienced players. There is a lot of options available out there. Therefore, it is difficult to know if you are choosing the right pickups for you.

Best Humbucker Pickups for Les Paul

If you are not sure which pickups you should use to enhance the tone of your guitar, this article is the right place for you. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you should keep in mind before making a decision. We will also give you five great humbucker recommendations.

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Top 5 Best Humbucker Pickups for Les Paul Reviews

Seymour Duncan SH1n ’59 Model Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickup

You will be satisfied with this model. It comes with some of the thickest as well as most immaculately wound coil stacks. Moreover, this pickup includes the pole pieces optimized to offer many grunge and distortion. Therefore, it is suitable for playing rock and metal.

It comes with the thickly braided wire. Also, its overall tone is a lot more natural and full of dark as well as distorted tunes.


  • Vintage sound and design
  • Standard spacing
  • Single-conductor thickly braided wire


  • Not excellent for guitars using lightweight and resonant wood


Gibson ’57 Classic Plus Humbucker Pickup

This pickup has been popular on the market for a long time. Its sound reminds you of the good old ’50s and early ’60s when British rock. It comes with the superb magnets as well as heavy winding. Therefore, it can pump out more than it does by default.

However, there are lots of depth between the mids and the lows. It may give you some fiddling in distortion.


  • Solid all-metal construction
  • Solid punch in low-mid ranges
  • Braided wire


  • The output could be slightly higher


DiMarzio PAF DP103 Humbucker 36th Anniversary

If you want warm and full sounds, you should consider buying the DiMarzio PAF DP103 humbucker. With them, you can play both types of sound- clean and distorted.

However, these models are not suitable for mahogany guitars because their sounds will be suppressed and damp because of the inherently flat as well as the dark nature of mahogany guitars.


  • Be able to play both clean and distorted
  • Balanced warmth and clarity


  • Not excellent for mahogany guitars


Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Set

When shopping for the best humbucker pickups for Les Paul, don’t miss the Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Set. It can help to replicate the original character of Les Paul.

It comes with the polished nickel covers. Therefore, you have not to worry about any sort of distortion issues. Moreover, it has a completely vibration and resonance proof shell. It is sure to give you the vintage sound.


  • Vintage sound
  • Well defined midrange


  • Pricey


Foxnovo Professional Sealed Humbucker Pickups for Les Pauls

It is easy for you to play with the pickup switches. Moreover, it also sounds clean as you want. It also allows you to add tons of distortion to them. This model feels lacking for a professional-grade experience.

Besides, the highs may distort. Moreover, the mids maybe a little flat on certain types of guitars. However, this one still is an excellent choice for Les Pauls on the market now.


  • Built with thick plastic and copper
  • Warm lows
  • More crunch for the punch


  • Not include markings to distinguish between the bridge and the neck pickup


How to Choose a Pickup for your Guitar

Consider Your Preferences

The fact is that no model is made for a particular style of music. However, there are some specific models made for certain tones. The output level can affect the tone most. Higher outputs perform well for heavily distorted sounds. And, lower ones operate well for more dynamic sounds. Therefore, you should pick your pickup based on the sound you mainly use.

Consider external tonal influences

As you know, besides the pickups, the tone of your guitar is based on many different factors. For example, two most of them are pedals and amps. However, you need to pay attention to some subtle factors on the guitar itself you may miss when choosing a guitar pickup. Here are the four big ones:

  • Volume Knob: If you want a warmer one, go for 250k pots. And, 500k pots are brighter.
  • Strings: If you like darker strings, go for a pure nickel. And, the steel nickel is brighter.
  • Woods: Alder, ash, and maple are brighter, while rosewood and mahogany are darker.
  • Neck style: The set-in neck is warmer. These models also come with more sustain. On the contrary, bolted necks are brighter. They have less sustain.

Now, depending on the existing tones of your guitar, you can adjust your choice accordingly.

Find What Fits

You should cut the body to fit the specific-sized pickup inside the cavity. It is easy to change for those who are switching from one single-coil to another. However, this task may be an issue for those who are from one to the other. However, don’t worry! There is a lot of single-coils shaped like humbuckers.

Humbuckers for Single-Coil Cavities

There are three options for you to fit a humbucker into the single-coil slot: reverse-wound single-coils, rail humbuckers, and stacks. On occasion, you can even see ones combining stack and rail designs. This combination is to cram four single-coils into one extremely high output humbucker.

Single-Coils for Humbucker Cavities

If you are looking for single-coil tones with a humbucker slot, you can choose from these options: single-coil in a humbucker sized casing, coil-split humbuckers, and coil-tapped humbuckers. The coil-splitting and coil-tapping offer you the option of both single-coil and humbucker tones thanks to the flip of a switch.

Frequently Asked Questions about Humbucker Pickups for Les Paul

Do pickups make a big difference?

Sometimes, pickups can make a crap one sound better, although they do not make a guitar. The amp can affect your guitar tone most. However, the sound may be affected by your playing style and your pickups.

Do guitar pickups really matter?

You can get a massive difference from pickups. However, amps come with more of an impact. Keep in mind that your pickups decide the way your amp receives. If you change the pickups, it can lead to a change of the guitar tone.

Why do the guitars have three pickups?

A few guitars come with three pickups. Their tones are somewhere in the middle between the bridge and the neck. And, the tone of this pickup is clearer compared to the neck pickup. However, it is not as brassy as the lead pickup.

Can guitar pickups go bad?

The answer is yes. However, guitar pickups will go bad after several hundred years. The reason is that these pickups are built with permanent magnets.


When it comes to choosing the best humbucker pickups for Les Paul, there is a wide range of options to choose from. All the pickups we have introduced above are guaranteed to be the best ones you can find in the market today. They ensure to provide you with classic sound you may be looking for. Therefore, these models are going to take you back. Consult our reviews and make your wise decision.

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