5 Best Gibson Pickups for Blues: Top Rated Accessories 2020

Gibson is a famous brand for many guitar players. This brand is linked with tradition, quality, as well as many legendary musicians. The Gibson brand offers many high-quality pickups. These models are available in different tones, shapes, and sizes. It may be a bit hard to find the right one.

As such, we are going to put together here a detailed review of some best Gibson pickups for blues. Let’s get started!

Best Gibson Pickups for Blues

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Top 5 Best Gibson Pickups for Blues Reviews

Gibson’57 Classic Plus Humbucker Pickup

This pickup is an expensive product. However, it is worth the price. This model is quite the same as the actual PAF specs. However, it offers a balanced and rich tonal output. It is built with a vintage wire. Moreover, it features crystal-clear tones.

You can use it for any guitar. It sounds perfect on any amp. Moreover, you can also play it with pedals of all stripes. Besides, you can customize it with a lot of styles.


  • Features rich tonal output
  • Offers high-quality tones since it is versatile
  • Produces the right sounds to the time
  • Available in a nickel cover
  • Easy to replace on a guitar
  • Allows for playing a wide range of music genres


  • Quite expensive


Gibson Dirty Finger Humbucker

If you want to get the perfect pickup for your electric guitar, consider buying this product. It allows you to enjoy the excellent sound. And, its sound is clear and wide. Moreover, it offers more volume.

Although this pickup is not the most versatile one, you still should try it. It features a nice and tight high output. Besides, it also comes with a ceramic magnet. This feature offers extreme results. It is excellent for high gain and high-volume gigs.


  • Produces clear and wide sound with more volume
  • Excellent for electric guitars
  • Comes with an overwound ceramic magnet
  • Offers a limited lifetime warranty
  • Operates well with most guitar models
  • Simple to install


  • Some players claimed that it produces a squealing sound on high-gain
  • Lacks depth


Gibson IM57B-NH BurstBucker Type 2

The Gibson IM57B-NH BurstBucker lets you enjoy most of the same traits. Moreover, with the newer materials, these pickups can perform with more efficiency. It ensures to give you the best-described tone as airy. Furthermore, it is clear on clean channels.

The model can drop a chunky rhythm. Also, this product is organic and responsive. Therefore, you will get the comfort in any style and range.


  • Features the original PAF to the modern-day
  • Made with newer materials for a lot of more efficiency
  • Comes with the Alnico II magnet
  • Be able to vocalize any note
  • Offers an organic and responsive sound


  • Not suitable for players who want to get a model for the neck position


Gibson Type 3 Burstbucker

This model comes with similar features with the Type 1 and 2 Burstbucker. It only has a difference in technology. Just like other Burstbucker, this one features the PAF to the current day.

Moreover, it also features a vintage braided two-conductor wiring. Besides, you will get excellent output and tone when using this pickup. You can operate it with ease since it is made with modern materials.


  • Suitable for the bridge position
  • Comfortable to play in any style
  • Affordable price
  • Features a variety of tone controls
  • Produces a full tone


  • Limited in position


Gibson Gear IM59 A-GH Bursbucker Pro

This model is nasty in the best of ways. It is ideal for rock and roll, hard rock, classic rock, blues, and more. This one is less like a machine. It can thrive off of shredding riffs. Moreover, it features an organic response.

It is built in the newest technology. Moreover, it comes with an Alnico V magnet along with two conductors. Plus, you will get both neck and bridge configurations. There is also a nickel plating.


  • Offers the awesome tone
  • Ideal for all rocks
  • Brings the organic response
  • Includes an Alnico V magnet and two conductors
  • Offers both neck and bridge configurations


  • None


How to Choose the Right Guitar Pickups

Because of so many models of pickups available out there, it seems to be a hassle of choosing the best one for you. The right one can turn a good guitar into a great one. Also, this model can be the missing link in the tonal chain.

To upgrade a low/mid-priced guitar, you need to upgrade your pickups. This is the simplest way you should do. There are many popular pickups on the market, such as the Seymour Duncan’59, JB and Custome, Alnico II Pro, Evolution or Tone Zone, and Dimarzio Super Distortion.

When looking for the right pickups, you should try playing your guitar with different models of pickups. Then, you can get the differences coming from the pickups. This way can help you to narrow down your choices. You need to consider the pickups you are using. Also, remember to consider which position you are using in.

Once you determined the pickups you need, you can look for them online. More importantly, make sure the pickups you choose will fit into your pickup slots. We recommend you hold on to your old models. You can try a different combination of an old and new one.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Pickups for Blues

Who should buy new pickups?

Many guitarists decide to change their pickups to breathe a whole new life. Some guitar players will want something with tons of aggression. Then, they think about upgrading to a high-output active humbucker. On the contrary, some others look for the true vintage sound. Therefore, they go for vintage-style P-90s or PAF-inspired humbuckers. Moreover, some acoustic guitars want to amplify their instruments for performances as well as recording.

Why do the guitars have three pickups?

A few guitars come with three pickups. They come with a middle pickup that offers the middle tone between the neck and bridge. It is clearer compared to the neck pickup. However, the middle pickup is not as harsh as the lead one.

Which pickups fit your guitar?

Well, most modern guitars are designed to fit single-coil or humbucker pickups. In the past, guitarists usually modified their instrument bodies to suit different types of pickups. However, nowadays, you can look for the pickup you want in your desired size with ease.


As a guitar player, you need to keep in mind you can improve your sound by replacing your pickups. Besides the amps, strings, and the guitar itself, your pickups can also influence the sound. Therefore, you need to look for the right pickup.

When shopping for a new pickup, you should use Youtube since many generous players have shared clips of their setups. Then, you can get a good idea of the tones you want. Whatever you look for, enjoy a fun time playing with your new pickups!

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