5 Best Double Bass Pedals For The Money: Top Pick In 2020

If you are finding a quick guide on how to choose the best double bass pedal, you are in the right direction. This post is for you. We will give you some best models of double bass pedals out there today. You will know the pros and cons of each product. Keep reading this article to get our list of the best double bass pedals for the money. They are all great for your budget.

Best Double Bass Pedals For The Money

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Top 5 Best Double Bass Pedals for the Money Reviews

Tama HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200

This model is sure to give you a smooth playing. It is designed to suitable for beginners since it is easy to operate. This pedal is a lightweight model, but it still features an impressive speed and power.

It is equipped with some adjustable features. It lets you change the angle of the beater. Since it is a model for beginners, it will not provide you with all the adjustability you would expect.

You can connect the two pedals bases with ease. Moreover, you can easily make the hoop connection because of the para-clamp system.


  • User-friendly pedal
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Great for beginners
  • Features a smooth action
  • Takes a little space


  • The screws may get loose the tendency
  • Limited in adjustments


DW 2000 Double Bass Pedal

This pedal is from a renowned manufacturer. It is designed for drummers who are new to learn how to play the drums. Moreover, this is a lightweight and compact device. There are Velcro strips included on the metal baseplate. It means you will not get any issues with moving it on the carpet.

Also, it comes with retractable spikes that allow you to anchor it. It has a similar bearing spring rocker system compared to the one DW places on the high-end units. Besides, this pedal also allows you to adjust the angle of the beater.

Besides, you can also use this bass pedal for both sensitivity and speed thanks to the precise cam included.


  • Great for beginners due to the lightweight and compact design
  • Features the Velcro strips to keep it in place
  • Helps you change the angle of the beater
  • Includes a complete linkage bar
  • Offers a smooth action


  • Take some time to set up correctly


DW PDP 400 Series Double Pedal

If you want a bass drum pedal with pro features, you should buy this model. It is designed for entry-level enthusiasts. Moreover, this product looks a lot more professional than other products in the category.

You will needn’t a drum key to secure the model. Moreover, you can also remove its springs with ease. It is also simple to maintain it. The drum pedal also comes with a memory lock system. Thus, you can take out the beaters whenever you need to place them.


  • Offers a smooth feel
  • Simple to set up
  • Easy to attach it to the drum rim
  • Grip well on hardwood floors due to the rubber layer underneath


  • May slide on the carpet due to a rubber layer underneath


Griffin Deluxe Double Kick Drum Pedal

The Grifin Deluxe pedal is suitable for any type of music. It is a heavy-duty model. It is sure to give you a smooth action. Moreover, it is built of metal. Plus, there is also a double-locking spring tension rod. Therefore, you can set up with ease.

Besides, you can also change the tension setting. There are four types of attacks on the pedal. Therefore, you will get versatility in playing style. Like being said that, you can receive a smooth action because of the frictionless bearing hinge system.


  • Heavy-duty design
  • Helps you sit in a comfortable position
  • Offer your expected sound
  • Offers a smooth action


  • May be hard to set up


Mapex P500TW 500 Series

This unit brings all the standard features you need. It allows you to transfer them in a double bass format. There are spring tensions. And, you can adjust them as your expectation. One side of the beaters is made of plastic, and another one is made of felt material. Therefore, you can pick how you want your instrument to sound.

Besides, you will also get retractable foot spikes. Then, you will receive an excellent grip. You can use this pedal with ease. Moreover, it is easy to install. If you are looking for a model for beginners, it’s your choice.

The pedal is built with solid steel. Therefore, it can fight different forms of abuse. It is sure to provide you with great value in durability, reliability, and playability as well.


  • Allows you to adjust the tension because of the simple single-chain drive
  • Can stay firmly due to the spikes
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Without any problems with reliability when playing


  • The left drive train is not tight enough


Things to Consider When Choosing a Pedal

A Good Drive

When looking for a new double bass pedal, it is essential to look at the type of drive it brings. Drives are available in three main types. In which, the most popular type is the chain drive. This type is easy to adjust. It is suitable for people who want to tinker with their pedals. Second, a belt drive comes with a leather belt. It works in pretty much the similar way. And. The direct drive features the fastest response. Your choice is up to your personal needs.


You should choose a comfortable pedal. The model you choose should allow you to set up in an easy way. When choosing a new pedal, look for ones that don’t need any special tools to adjust. Most of them come with a key that allows you to use for every small modification. You should be capable of changing the angle of the header. Even a cheap model should let you do that.

A Balanced Pedal

If you want to get quick tones for pop or rock music, you will need a pedal that is closer to the bass drum. Therefore, you also need an excellent system to fix them as you want on the rim. When it comes to a slower jazzy rhythm, you need to position your pedals further away from your instrument. You need to choose a pedal that is in balance with one another. You also should look for an easy-to-press model to get a smooth action.

Frequently Asked Questions about Double Bass Pedals for the Money

Do I need a double bass pedal?

Double pedals are essential for those who are playing the extreme forms of metal. However, if you know the tasteful use of double bass pedals, you will want to purchase one.

How does a bass drum pedal operate?

It works like the hi-hat control. It makes a beater head strike the instrument with force. To reach that, you need to press a footplate to pull a chain, belt, or metal drive mechanism downward.

The mallet is made of wood, felt, rubber, or plastic. It is attached to a metal shaft shaped like a rod. A tension unit helps to mount it on a metal frame. Moreover, this tension model also dictates the amount of recoil when the bass drum pedal is released.

There are some ways to play strokes with a bass drum pedal. Three vital of them include the heel-up, the heel-down technique, and the floating stroke.

Can I use double bass pedals with my e-drum?

Some e-drum kits allow you to connect any type of pedal to them. On the contrary, some others only let you use regular pedals.

Double pedals are necessary for many genres of music. However, some kits have their double bass pedals. You cannot use another model. Therefore, you need to check this aspect before making your purchase.


A double bass pedal allows for decreasing the fatigue of fast drum players. Double pedals operate well for hard-core musicians such as rockers, metalheads, and punkers. Our article is about the best double bass pedals for the money. Hopefully, this article helped you find what you are looking for. Best of lucks!

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