Which Pickup is Best for Acoustic Guitar?

You will want to get a high-quality acoustic guitar pickup. Indeed, you will get the perfect tone from a good model. The best guitar pickups are ideal for people who need to perform to larger groups, record with the acoustic guitar, and play with a band. There are a lot of choices out there.

To make a wise decision, follow our list here the top five best acoustic guitar pickups on the market now.

Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Pickups Review

LR Baggs Anthem Tru-Mic


If you are looking for a good acoustic guitar pickup that offers a natural sound, you can consider choosing this model. It comes with a traditional hybrid setup. Therefore, the noise-canceling mic can dominate its sound.

Moreover, the model also offers the detailed replication we found in ones with excellent dynamics. Besides, it allows you to reach high gain. It comes with a set of controls, including a phase switch, volume, as well as a mix control. They are easy to access.

The only downside of this acoustic guitar pickup is that it has an ideal price tag. However, it still offers a great tone.

Rare Earth Magnetic Soundhole Pickup


If you want a high-quality acoustic guitar pickup for the money, this model is just for you. It offers you a premium sound. Also, it ensures to give you a natural tone. Therefore, it is ideal for not only strumming but also fingerpicking styles.

This model is ideal for gigging guitarists. Besides, this pickup features handy volume control. It can help to remain slim as well as unobtrusive. You can install it with ease.

K&K Pure Mini


When it comes to the best acoustic guitar pickups, you should not miss out on the K&K Pure Mini. You can get a model with the price of under 100 bucks. It ensures to give you a true sound along with plenty of warmth.

Additionally, the model offers a great replication of the natural sound of a guitar. The model is not identical. However, you can hear clearly both the unplugged and plugged tone. It seems to be hard to install this pickup.

Fishman Matrix Infinity Acoustic Guitar Pickup


Another affordable acoustic guitar pickup is the Fishman Matrix Infinity under saddle. It offers a clear, natural, and rich tone from the guitar. This one is sure to give you a warm tone. Also, it has a great dynamic.

Besides, it also features subtle rotary controls. You will receive a versatile system, thanks to a great combination of easy controls and high quality. Moreover, it requires a battery of 9V.

Seymour Duncan Woody HC Hum-Cancelling Soundhole Pickup


This pickup comes in walnut, maple, and black housing. It slots into all the soundholes. It also does not require modification to the prized acoustic. The product ensures to provide you with a natural, and warm tone.

You will get a rich tone along with a thicker sound. Moreover, you have not to worry about excess noise delivered from feedback or hum. If you are looking for a versatile model for your acoustic guitar, you can’t miss the Seymour. It is suitable for all playing styles. Also, it is an excellent choice for the budget.


When looking for the best acoustic guitar pickups, you have to consider plenty of things. We hope our reviews of the top five best products above can help you choose something to suit your budget as well as playing style. However, these models are just our favorites. You can take some time to make a wise decision. Last, good luck with your new pickups.

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